Shady Creek Resort FAQ's

1. Are the lots really that big?

Yes! Most are 50’x100’, or 5,000 square feet. Compared to other campgrounds whose campsites are 2,000 square feet.

2. Are my friends allowed to bring their camping unit in for the weekend?

Yes, we do allow your friends to stay in their camping unit if we have space. There is a daily charge and we are only open to your guests, not the general public.

3. When is Shady Creek Resort open?

We open the campground at the end of April, and we typically close down sometime during the middle of October.

4. Can I stay at my lot during the winter?

Yes. However, we do not plow during the winter months, and there is no running water anywhere on the property.

5. Who mows the grass?

We mow the grass. To avoid the risk of damaging your property, we ask that you trim around your own camper, and any other personal items located within your lot.

6. Can we leave our boat at the campsite?

Absolutely! Since your campsite is extremely oversized, you have more than enough room to leave your boat in your lot.

7. Can I have guests in my unit?

Yes, you are allowed to have guests stay with you in your camper at no extra charge.

8. Is firewood available at the campground?

Yes, free firewood is available.

9. How much is electricity per day?

You can expect to pay approximately $150 for electricity during the summer season. This calculates to about $0.84 a day.

10. Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes. We have free Wi-Fi indoors and out. If you would like to get connected to the Wi-Fi, please email or call us.